"Behind the facades of London's shiny dockside developments, its designer boutiques and coffee bars lie long-forgotten dark corners and darker secrets. It's a city where anything can happen and being young and pretty won't always save you."

So ran the initial promotional material for Urban Gothic, a series of half hour contemporary urban horror tales, first transmitted in the UK on Channel 5 over the Spring and Summer of 2000. From a personal point of view, I really enjoyed what I saw. I tuned in because the trailers were intriguing, and, as a horror fan, I am always looking for new shows like this. I was impressed by what they had managed to achieve, and the fun that they seemed to be having. I found out more, got in touch with the production company, and met writer Tom de Ville and executive producer Steve Matthews. I was even more impressed: here was a creative team who, through hard work and a little luck, had landed a UK based horror series for transmission on a terrestrial channel. The shows were low budget, but the crew made up for that in enthusiasm and hard work, and although sometimes the end result was perhaps a little ragged around the edges, most of the time the show hit home with a vengeance.

A second series followed in 2001, but Channel 5 got cold feet on the project mid-way through, changed the schedules around like crazy, and the show all but vanished from view. Channel 5 declined to take up the option of a third season, and so the project currently lies at rest.

Because there wasn't really any information about Urban Gothic online, I decided to try and put together this site. Here you can find information and photographs (thanks to Channel 5) on the different shows, a page about the merchandise, a few links and other bits and pieces linked to from the lower pages, including what news I can find, and pages of hunks and babes who have appeared in the series, and also some behind the scenes features and articles. I can't promise the site's going to be updated very often, but hopefully it will continue to act as an online information resource about the show.

I hope you get the chance to see some of Urban Gothic at some point as it represents a type of television making which is all too rare in the UK - one off stories, made with limited budget and masses of ingenuity and care.

The links on the left will take you to the main areas on this site. Have fun exploring!

David J Howe